Certificate vs Sabificate

It is a truth and common knowledge that Professionals love to acquire certifications, some to make their LinkedIn pages more attractive, others to get their dream jobs, Promotion opportunities and the list is endless.

I am sure you are intrigued by the word “sabificate” wondering what language that is whether Spanish or Swahili. Maybe someone already opened his/her dictionary flipping through the pages ardently (Now that was a joke)

Delving straight in, so what is a certificate? A certificate is an official document awarded to you by a board showing that you are qualified e.g.  BSc-Bachelor of Science Certificate, M.Sc.-Master of Science Certificate and a couple others e.g. PHR, CIPM amongst others.

What do you stand to gain? It is a form of structured learning that gives you recognition and credit.

It gives Prestige to your LinkedIn page.

Could make you earn more especially for some IT, Finance related courses which come very pricey.

It could round up the time for you e.g. You studied English and have found yourself in the IT space for 5 years, taking a certification course in IT would help round up the time you have spent there.

Now onto the curious word sabificate. Sabificate is coined from the word sabi which is a slang in Nigeria. Sabi as most of us know means “to know ” hence we can infer that sabi means Competence in queens’ English.

What does Competence stand for? It connotes the ability to perform a task successfully and effectively. 

What do I stand to gain with sabificate? You become solution centric, distinguishably set apart, thereby creating an opportunity for you to be a smart reference point. It is the differentiator between excellence and mediocrity. 

In as much as these two competitors are both value packed, I would like to paint you a mental image, as I conclude. Certificate will get you a foot in the door, but sabificate will keep you in the room and further create opportunities for you to excel far beyond your current state. 

Dear Professionals, don’t just be certified, continue to sabify. It packs in lots of reward.

Stay curious, and as you earn your certifications, ensure your sabifications are not obsolete.

This article was contributed by: Adepeju Makinde